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Fall Out EP

by Modeon

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The follow up to 2009's 'Submariner'.


released August 1, 2010

Music and lyrics by Modeon.
All instruments played by Modeon except:
Strings on 'Lost at Sea ii)' by Hannah-Rae Hampson and piano on 'Lost at Sea i)' by Jamie Harris.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Modeon.
Mastered by Paul Tipler.



all rights reserved


Modeon Watford

The artist formerly known as Modeon.

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Track Name: Hole
Stand your ground while you make a scene
With facts you found in a magazine
Kid yourself, but you can’t fool me

Packing up for an ego trip
Stick to your guns, you’ve tricked yourself that you know it all
But your boots appear so small

Digging in a hole, everybody else knows the score
Burrowing alone, we all know what you’re hiding for

High and mighty, you cavalier
Your mouth moves but the trumpets are all we hear
But to you it’s oh so clear
Track Name: Apocalyptik
This love’s apocalyptik
This love is all I want
This love’s apocalyptik
Down your arms tonight

We were untouchable, indestructible
Yet now it’s World War Three but just between you and me
We’re going O.T.T, we’ll die where we fall
Two hearts, one last push for our survival

Adoring is a black hole of obsession
Declaring your emotions a suicide mission
But when the dust has settled we’ll get along
And tear down our city walls

Run for cover!

Bombs explode
Amber glows on our horizon
The mushroom cloud is fucking terrifying, I know
The earth shatters and splits beneath where we stand
The shockwave tumbles over the wasteland

God knows how long it will take us to rebuild
We’ll stack it brick by brick until the cracks are all filled
So lead me to the tracks, show me where to sign
Because I can’t take another day avoiding your eyes
Track Name: The Incredible Sulk
Get yourself together
What’s done is done
Stop spreading your blues
Oh, and stop getting confused you fool
And start living again
You’ll be better off in the end

Life’s too short to be afraid
You’ve only got one shot
So stop spreading your fear and stop shedding your tears
Now grow yourself a new skin my son
You’ll be better off in the long run

Come out of your sulk
Come out of your shell

You’re not the centre of it all
The anchor point from which we fall
Don’t start a fire without a cause

You’ve got to take your chances
You only get them once
So stop being reserved and be the person you want to be
And don’t plan for the worst
It’s not what you deserve
Track Name: Trigger Mode
There’s something for everyone.

“These images have changed me.
My hands are never clean
And I pray for the day it’s over.

I’m shattered from the shell-shock
And the ticking of my time bomb.
Mental scars won’t heal.

Strangers in the cross-fire scream out.
It echoes as they hit the ground.

The murder on the top soil…
Enough to make your blood boil.
The guilt I feel is hard to bear.”

There’s something for everyone.
Track Name: Lost at Sea ii)
I’m thankful for the day that I found you
When all of planet Earth stood still
The freezing ocean tumbles beneath us
Leaning in to you I can feel you breathe

How would it feel to be lost at sea?
Where do we go from here?

The molten candle drips on our fingers
But we don’t feel the fire until our palms entwine
My mouth makes shapes betraying my silence
Your lip-reading eyes’ surprise is kidnapped by your smile

Tangled by the water
Love on borrowed time
Late into the evening your heart turns into mine