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by Modeon

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The first solo release from Modeon.


released March 30, 2008

written/recorded/produced/mixed and mastered by Modeon

Brass played by Chris Starkey
Strings played by Hannah-Rae Hampson



all rights reserved


Modeon Watford

The artist formerly known as Modeon.

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Track Name: Static
I can't keep this up
Not with my mind the way it is
There's too much darkness to be told
Barbed wire around my soul

Can't you see my point of view?
I just have trouble loving you
This tricky thought process I have
You'll never understand

I can't change the way I am
And I won't change for you

I'm sorry it had to end this way
There's not much more that I could take
My head is fragile, it could break
And you can't bear the weight

There is a bridge to cross
I've walked for hours and now I'm lost
My only company
A tired reflection in a stream
Track Name: Atmosphere
Since it went wrong
There's no place to run
On and on
The days roll into one

The walls don't change
"The boy's gone strange"
It's all the same
The days are gone to waste

Things you need
Endless greed
Take your time
Emotions you can't hide

A fallen tree
A grain of sand on a beach
These people aren't your friends
And they don't understand

There's no-one else for you round here
A lonely spore in the upper atmosphere
Caught on the breeze you don't care where you fall
From where you are you can see it all

Just a solitary satellite moving across a dark sky
Or a comet passing by earth, so near but yet so far
Out of reach
Track Name: Desolation
I used to think that there was nothing inside myself
An open manhole, a portal into my soul
No need to worry about me or my mental health

I spiral down into a whirlpool of loss and fear
I'm terrified by the things that I see and hear
All news is bad news, or that's how it seems to me

Desolation, in a steep decline
Destination: anywhere at all
Don't you hide behind your smile

A concrete bubble, an extrovert mind by plan
Bad situations mould me to what I am
I build a wall and then I cut out the rest of life
Track Name: Moonstruck
Please don't look at me
I avoid a thousand glances
All words wash right over
I sink back into these dark thoughts

I'm teetering on the edge
Of full blown mania
I stare at the floor in hope
I'll be gone the next thing you know

I shift uncomfortably
Imagination gone wild?
My own private space
Invaded by predator eyes
Track Name: August (Lucid Dreams)
Cross it off the list to make things right
Solve your problems with a worldwide fight
Evidence is running thin these days
Find the witches burn them at the stake

Send your children to the holy war
Too young to know what they are fighting for
Sons and daughters taken by demand
Knives to their throats displays their final stand

All the while our parents wonder why
Markets crash and fears control our lives

Follow the herd into the seated room
Where congregations put their faith into
A silent God, they shout his name out loud
To make their lives complete, they don't know how

All the while they join their hands and pray
For this tool to rid them of their pain
Funny thing, he never came

Don't rely on others all the time
Life's too short; you suffer then you die

(Ignore that, it's just a lie)
Track Name: Flatline
Sunlight burns my retinas
The gaps between my eyelids
Inform me of a new day

A freezing side untouched by hands
Playing out scenarios
My mind relives the good times

My soul is full of pain
The reason why is hard to say

I need a love
Who doesnt mind
The problems and the bad times
Or is willing to forgive them

My tongue gets tied
And then I lie
About the stupid little things
That never mattered anyway

I think on a different wave
The reason why is hard to say

It's a love I have to find
But I'm running out of time
A heartbeat
I lost the vital signs
They're dropping out like flies
A flatline on a monitor
Track Name: Riverbed
There is nothing to talk about
There is no one to help me out
Incapable of having fun
Cannot bond with anyone

Stumble in a corner and want to leave
Looking for the door to let off some steam
Stare off the bridge; it's a long way down
Would angels watch as I hit the ground?

I won't break necks
And I won't throw stones
I'll dive in a river so no-one knows it's me

Fallen below the border line
That separates the happy mind
From the other that thinks like this
A bloody end in the blue abyss

What's worse than reading the notes of those
Who can't face life and fail to end it so
Wind up living day by day
With narcotics to end the pain?

I won't break necks
And I won't throw stones
I'll dive in a river so no-one knows it's me

But no, that's not me
I have a logical brain
I can work this through

And no, oh not I
I have strength
And the right to choose

The bridge is behind, the crossroads ahead
The drunken echo of my footsteps
The key struggles to open the door
I drop my possessions and fall to the floor

Once more, is this the last?
The waves receed and the storm clouds part
So I stare into the black
And I see nothing but myself staring back
Track Name: Tremble (Mindscapes)
Trembling is how I'll be found
Regretting not taking the weak way out
So much I feel I have to say
Can't take the fall if you won't reciprocate

Like an upward struggle for what I need
And a thousand foot drop on either side of me
This distance put between me and you
Won't help me spout the words that could spoil it all

4 years is far too long to keep it in
And I ended the last because of it

My mind hurts with the pain of thinking back
To the lows that come after a break like that
Waiting for the soil to swallow me up
While trying to keep my head above ground

My neurones connect your image with the sea
And the temporary blindness of sun through leaves
But do you want to know that?
Or would you rather keep it as it is?

It's like the whole world knows but hasn't said a thing
So you carry on breaking my heart with every grin

Saw you skip away under street lights
Saw you smile over the table
Wanted to be where you were
Don't want to be alone anymore

If I asked would you say my name under your breath
And make my day by saying the words I dont expect?
Track Name: Jump Start
I've found love
Yes, I've found love on my wave

No more tongue ties
No more lies or bad times

In front of me
But all the while I could not see you
I was blind with love

There's a bond that runs beneath
I know

I get lost in your eyes and smile
I know